The General Assembly of all affiliated National Federations constitutes the supreme authority of the European Volleyball Confederation.  Chair of the General Assembly is the CEV President.

Any decisions shall be binding and enforceable for both the CEV and all affiliated National Federations.

An ordinary General Assembly is held every year.

Luxembourg (LUX)

Matters within the remit of the General Assembly include:

  • Modification of the Statutes and Legal Chamber Regulations

  • Election of a candidate for the position in the CEV Board of Administration, FIVB Board of Administration including the Gender in Minority, Legal Chamber and Internal Auditors

  • Change of the registered office of the CEV,

  • Removal of a member of the Board of Administration, Legal Chamber and Internal Auditors

  • Approval of the budget and annual accounts

  • Awarding the titles of Honorary President, Honorary Vice-President or Honorary member to persons having held the respective posts and to anyone who has been of outstanding service to the CEV, at the proposal of the Board of Administration

  • Dissolution of the CEV

  • Expulsion of a member

An Extraordinary General Assembly may be staged upon decision of the CEV Board of Administration or upon request of at least one third of the National Federations affiliated to CEV.

2023 General Assembly

2022 General Assembly

2021 General Assembly

2020 General Assembly