Following the need for a dispute resolution process and in accordance with the FIVB Sports Regulations, the FIVB has delegated its competence and powers to the CEV so that the Confederation can resolve disputes involving European players, coaches and clubs.

Article 18.1 of the FIVB Sports Regulations provides that a volleyball club, player, FIVB-Licensed agent or coach may file a complaint before the FIVB in order to resolve a financial dispute of international dimension. The same procedure may also apply to a financial dispute between a national federation and a coach.

The procedure is free of charge, with the exception of the handing fee of CHF 500 (FIVB Cases) or EUR 400 (CEV cases). As soon as the CEV confirms that the Complaint is admissible, the Claimant will be requested to pay the handling fee so that the case can proceed. At the end of the procedure and depending on its outcome and behaviour of the parties, the CEV will decide which party (if any) will bear these costs.


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For further information, please access the FIVB Sports Regulations (Article 18.1) and FIVB Tribunal Regulations.

Please note that any disputes involving players, coaches and clubs outside of Europe should be forwarded to the FIVB. Additional information can be found on the FIVB website for these cases.

Note: The FIVB Sports Regulations entered into force during the 2012/13 season. Consequently, only cases which arose during the 2012/13 season (or later) are admissible as Financial Disputes under the procedure of Art. 18.1 of the FIVB Sports Regulations. Contractual violations relating to previous seasons may, depending on their circumstances, fall under the scope of Art. 18.3 of the FIVB Sports Regulations.

Below is the Step-by-Step Procedural Guide for the Resolution of Financial Disputes between Clubs, Players and Coaches in International Volleyball: