The CEV Supervisor is the highest authority during the match/event such individual is appointed to. 

Their main duties are to ensure that matches are played in accordance with the sport rules and organised according to the FIVB and CEV Regulatory Framework.

The Supervisor of a CEV competition - defined as the highest authority during this level. But in fact, there's much more about it… here is Volleyball Supervisor Harald Rotter's take on things:

Of course it's most important to safeguard the interests of CEV, but there are lot of other stakeholders to be served as well, such as spectators clubs, media, television and sponsors.  The Supervisor is the one on site to support the organiser to create a great event satisfying all of them. 

On top of this, the Supervisor has to guarantee fairness for all teams and the safety of all people on site.  Ensuring that everything visible to the public, no matter if they are watching from the stands, or on tv or web looks as perfect as expected (or is possible).  A helpful supporter of the teams and organisers, but a tough decision maker whenever necessary, that's the role of the Supervisor…

The 'life' of the Supervisor for each appointment: contact with the organiser and teams - the place to go for when help is needed - arrival - contact with all people involved - all checks as soon as possible - solutions for all problems identified together with the organiser - supervise the match under perfect conditions for the public, the teams and the staff - debriefing with the organiser for possible improvements…


What are the differences between being a Supervisor for indoor, Beach or Snow Volleyball?

Beach and Snow Volleyball are played mainly outside and therefore the smooth running of a tournament also depends on unforeseeable conditions such as weather, daylight, etc. In addition Beach and Snow Volleyball is played simultaneously in several courts, and sometimes multiple venues, with a big number of matches played per court and per day (For the CEV Age group Championships this can sum up to 152 in 4 days).  In Snow Volleyball the competition timing is depending on the opening hours of the lift companies if played on top of the mountains.


What are the preconditions to become a Volleyball Supervisor?

Volleyball Supervisors for Club competitions are proposed to the CEV each year by its member National Federations, after which CEV publishes a list of those eligible for nominations for that season.  For National Team competitions CEV selected those with the most suitable skills and experience to fulfil the position.

What is the usual Pathway to become a Volleyball Supervisor?

The usual pathway is to become a Volleyball expert, particularly in the technical, administrative and marketing aspects of the game and then be nominated on by their National Federation.

How are CEV Supervisors appointed to matches?

A CEV Supervisor is appointed by the CEV Board of Administration following a proposal from the relevant sport Commission.

A CEV Supervisor is eligible for an appointment to a match when the four following requirements are fulfilled:
- Such CEV Supervisor complies with article 17.2.2 of the CEV Competition Regulations
- For Club competitions, such CEV Supervisor successfully passed the E-Learning education programme
- Such CEV Supervisor is skilled enough according to the CEV internal evaluation processes
- Such CEV Supervisor is not a member, Official, representative, employee, individual registered via a licence or under the authority of a Participant to the match such individual is appointed to

"A Supervisor checks, looks at the possibilities, but most of all works with the organising committee to achieve a perfect setting for the competition. It is an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and examples with people from other countries, other continents and other backgrounds who have embraced our sport."

Joep van Iersel
Beach Volleyball Supervisor
Joep van Iersel in action


What are the preconditions to become a Beach or Snow Volleyball Supervisor?

- Very good English communication skills (verbal/written)
- Minimum 2-3 years’ experience as Supervisor on National and/or Zonal level
- Knowledge of the CEV & FIVB Regulatory Framework
- Soft skills: Collaborative leader, problem solving ability, positive attitude, respectfulness, reliability

What is the usual Pathway to become a Beach or Snow Volleyball Supervisor?

1. To apply via the respective National Federation
2. If accepted: invitation to a CEV Candidates Supervisor Seminar– Evaluation by the lecturers on site (theoretical part)
3. Participation as a Candidate Supervisor in a CEV Beach Volleyball competition – Evaluation by the assigned CEV Supervisor on site (practical part)
4. Review of all reports and final evaluation by the EBVC
5. If positively evaluated and confirmed by the EBVC and CEV Board of Administration: Status CEV Supervisor

How are CEV Supervisors appointed?

A CEV Supervisor is appointed by the CEV following a proposal from the CEV European Beach Volleyball Commission. A CEV Supervisor is eligible for an appointment to a CEV competition when the following requirements are fulfilled:
a. Such CEV Supervisor complies with article 16.2.2 §2 of the Competitions Regulations,
b. Such CEV Supervisor is skilled enough according to the CEV internal evaluation process,
c. Such CEV Supervisor is declared fit to fulfil his/her duties,
d. Such CEV Supervisor is listed in the annual CEV Beach/Snow Volleyball Supervisors list.

Dirk Decher delivering Snow Volleyball events across Europe

"I really enjoy acting as a Supervisor for Snow Volleyball. To witness the growth of a new discipline has been a great experience, helping organisers achieve success for the players, the audience and the volunteers. The weather on top of the mountain can change really quickly, so getting 70cm of snow overnight can create a lot of work for everyone in the morning!"

Dirk Decher
Snow Volleyball Supervisor