Coaches Convention 2022


We are excited to announce that the third edition of the CEV Coaches Convention will be held in Skopje, North Macedonia from 16 September - 18 September, 2022!

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What is the Coaches Convention?

The CEV and the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia (OZS) have hosted two historic Coaches Conventions targeting coaches and physical education teachers from across Europe, and other confederations included in 2021.  In the end 165 attendees from 60 countries attended the three day event held from 24-26 September 2021. After much success, this initiative will continue as an annual event in the years to come.

Top Education

The main theme of the event consisted of discussing and sharing ideas on how to best develop and grow Volleyball in Europe with the younger generations. The programme featured theoretical and practical parts, with renowned coaches who have spent the majority of their careers working with young Volleyball talents helping with the delivery...

Building a Network

NFs already implementing the CEV School Project along with any NFs that will soon join the initiative, had the chance to select coaches and teachers that were working on the implementation of the project in their countries to attend the convention and share knowledge with other like minded people, as well as many world leaders in this area.

CEV Coaches Convention 2021

2021 Coaches Convention - Presentations

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Videos and content from the 2019 edition

2019 Coaches Convention - Presentations

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The bidding for the CEV Coaches Convention 2022 is officially closed, and the CEV Development department will no longer be accepting applications. Please contact for more information.