Between meetings of the Board of Administration, the Executive Committee may take all urgent measures that must be notified within a month to the Board of Administration, which shall ratify them at its next meeting.

The Executive Committee consists of the President and the Vice-Presidents.  The Board of Administration elects from amongst its members the Vice-Presidents, one of whom is designated the Senior Vice-President.

Matters within the power of the CEV Executive Committee include:

  • Make decisions in all matters, except on the statutes which are sole competence of the CEV General Assembly

  • Develop strategic management and formalise it in written form

  • Decide on key political and financial purposes

  • Report to the Board of Administration

  • Control the implementation of the decisions previously endorsed by the Board

  • Develop key targets, programs, install working groups and define their respective tasks and mission

  • Represent the CEV during all official events