From age group qualifications through to the Super Finals

Get involved

Want to experience what it is like to be part of the biggest team sport in the world? We are always looking for like-minded organisers for our various events!

While single European Cup matches are by default organised by the hosting club, we are constantly on the look-out for partners to organise our tournaments involving more than two teams, as well as our Beach Volleyball and Snow Volleyball events. 

This event bidding area was put in place to increase the awareness of what is currently open for bidding whilst ensuring complete transparency over the selection of each host.

The CEV Leadership has decided to re-shape the bidding process in order to follow our key principles of transparency, accuracy, simplicity and reliability. While preparing a bid, we encourage you to work closely with your respective political authorities in order to make sure your application enjoys full support from important stakeholders. By doing so, your project and vision can have a lasting legacy on the promotion and development of the sport in your respective countries.

Aleksandar BORIČIĆ
CEV President