A Media Delegate is responsible for the smooth running of media operations on site, working in close cooperation with the local media staff and the CEV Digital & TV Department.

The Media Delegate liaises with media representatives, teams and officials in order to provide opportunities to maximise the media coverage and exposure of a CEV event / competition.

Moreover, a Media Delegate is responsible for the production of content published across all of the CEV’s communication channels.


1) What is the nature of their work before and during competitions?

A Media Delegate supervises the setting up of all media facilities and the media accreditation, the provision of information to the attending media, coordinates the organisation and delivery of media meetings, works closely with the local staff for the production of content used on the CEV website and social media channels.

2) Where do CEV use Media Delegates?

Media Delegates attend all of the CEV’s top events and final round of European Championships.

2) How do you become a CEV Media Delegate?

In order to become a CEV Media Delegate, you should have a proven record and experience in the coverage of Volleyball / Beach Volleyball / Snow Volleyball competitions as well as with the use of social media channels, while being familiar with liaising with media and answering their inquiries. CEV Media Delegates may be free-lancers or employees of clubs / National Federations, who have previously contributed to the successful delivery of major events in terms of their overall organisation and media coverage. 

A Day in the Life - Filip Gradek

As a Media Delegate I have had a chance (and pleasure) to work with the CEV office team to provide media coverage from some of the top European events, including the CEV Champions League Final Four (Men and Women) and the CEV Volleyball and Beach Volleyball European Championships.

"What makes it most enjoyable for me is being a part of a professional team that you can count on, be it on-site or from afar."

Filip Gradek
CEV Media Officer

There is always an array of tasks to fulfill, between a wide range of media/social media content, match reports, feature articles, interviews and on-site cooperation with the event photographers, video crews, rights holders and local organizers. Each event and venue is different and some challenges can be quite unexpected but that is part of what makes the job so interesting. What makes it most enjoyable for me is being a part of a professional team that you can count on, be it on-site or from afar.

Anyone working with big events knows how demanding the pace and hours can be but the work division and cooperation among the team is great and knowing that everyone else is working just as hard to deliver their part is really encouraging. And in the end, when the trophies and medals have been awarded and the lights and cameras are off you leave the empty venue with a feeling of satisfaction that I find hard to beat.

In the thick of the Action

The Medical Delegate is the CEV representative responsible for ensuring that all relevant Medical & Anti-Doping within the CEV Volleyball Competitions Regulations are followed during the competition.

In practice, this means ensuring that all medical controls carried out during the competition are performed according to schedule and comply with the protocol.

Furthermore, the Medical Delegate oversees the medical services provided during the Competition to assess their adequacy, in coperation with both the Organising Committee and the CEV Office.

CEV Medical Delegates are members of the European Medical Commission.