The promotion of Volleyball at the grassroots level has become one of the priorities set by the CEV leadership and the implementation of a school project under the slogan ‘Play Volleyball, grow with it’ is pivotal to the achievement of this strategic goal.

Such is the scale and relevance of this action that the European Commission is providing funding through their Erasmus+ programme, a truly unprecedented feat in European Volleyball history.

*Results were collected from a survey sent to 17 National Federation Project Managers in June 2020. Due to interference with activities from the COVID-19 lockdowns, not all of our new partners were able to participate. 

Previous Results

  • School Project 2018/2019
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The EU-funded project is a truly unique opportunity to bring together a number of stakeholders from the Volleyball family and beyond in an effort to grow the game at the grassroots level, and leave a lasting legacy that will inspire the next generation of Volleyball players. We are partnered with the following organizations and national federations:

  • German Sport University of Cologne

  • Faculty of Sport Sciences of the Hacettepe University (Turkey)

  • European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE)

Teachers Handbook

Read the book before watching the videos to better understand the exercises.

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  • Park Volley Exercises Guide
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  • Beach Volleyball Exercises Guide
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  • Teacher's Handbook - Croatian translation
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  • Teacher's Handbook - Greek translation
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  • Teacher's Handbook - Russian Translation
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  • Teacher's Handbook - Slovakian translation
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  • Project Design Brochure
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5th School Project Webinar Series

Session 3

Franca Abbo and her colleague Daniela Bordoli share their coaching philosophies centered around fun, facilitation, and flexibility. Coaches must be fully committed if they want fierce dedication from their players!

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