Project History


The Danish Volleyball Federation officially signed their contract in June 2019 to join the CEV School Project "Play Volleyball, Grow with it". Since their launch, the project in Denmark has organized over 50 classes for teachers and coaches, and hosted a KidsVolley tournament. There are over 1,000 kids that have been involved in the activities so far! We are pleased to present the progress in Denmark so far.

Check out the highlights below! 

"The quality of their skills has increased a lot during a short period of time and their commitment was amazing. Volleyball has something unique to offer to the youngsters regarding physical and technical challenges and especially the social environment in the school."

Secretary General of Volleyball Denmark
Project Manager


The assigned Project Manager is the person responsible for the implementation and coordination of the CEV School Project on a national level.

Administrating the data collected from the activities within the project and communicating the same with the CEV Development Department.