Head of Volleyball

Roko Sikiric

Responsible for managing and leading all CEV Volleyball competitions, centering on conceptual development by liaising with all stakeholders involved.

office  +352 25 46 46 29

mail  clubs@cev.eu

Volleyball Coordinator

Kristina Nieminen

Focusing on National Team competitions ranging from age group qualifications through to Olympic Qualifications and EuroVolley.

office  +352 25 46 46 30

mail  nationalteams@cev.eu

Volleyball Coordinator

Krzysztof Turowski

Managing the general upkeep of the CEV competition database including competition hall matters, e-scorers, CEV Statisticians and all rankings whilst leading on the European Golden & Silver League competitions.

office  +352 25 46 46 39

mail  clubs@cev.eu / nationalteams@cev.eu