Value creation and taking valuable lessons from mistakes among topics discussed in upcoming CEV School Project webinar


Article Wed, Mar 27 2024

Bulgaria’s Nikola Dimitrov will set the tone for the 9th series of webinars run in conjunction with the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ when he takes the ‘virtual floor’ this coming Monday, April 1, at noon CEST. A passionate advocate for empowerment and continuous improvement, Nikola Dimitrov returns to share his expertise for a second time, drawing from his extensive background in corporate training and personalised coaching. If you have not done so already, make sure you register for participation right here: 

This coming Monday, Nikola Dimitrov will embark on a journey through the core principles of Lean Thinking, starting with an exploration of value creation. With a keen focus on understanding the intrinsic worth a coach brings to their players, he will shed light on the significance of this fundamental concept. Delving deeper, he will guide the attendees through the intricate web of value streams, thereby unveiling strategies aimed at honing the efficiency of processes designed to deliver this much-desired, sought-after value. 

As the session unfolds, Nikola will navigate you through the flows of energy and exercises within the coaching realm, thus offering useful insights into methods designed to amplify engagement while minimising inefficiencies. With a strong commitment to athlete-centred approaches, he will champion the concept of ‘Pull’, thereby advocating for a transformative shift in traditional coaching paradigms. 

In the final leg of this exciting journey, Nikola will turn his attention to the pursuit of ‘Perfection’, not in the conventional sense of flawless execution, but rather in the cultivation of a team culture that embraces imperfections as invaluable learning opportunities. Through the lens of group activities and lean instruments, he will paint a vivid picture of a coaching environment where mistakes are celebrated, and growth eventually flourishes!