School Project webinar to focus on safeguarding, care and respect on and off the court!


Article Fri, Mar 29 2024

After the session run by Nikola Dimitrov this coming Monday, the 9th webinar series organised by the CEV Technical and Development Department in conjunction with the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ continues Wednesday, April 3, with a workshop delivered by Joanna Maranhão, a four-time Olympian for Brazil who is now responsible for safe sport at Sport & Rights Alliance. If you have not done so already, make sure you register here  to join this much-anticipated session!   

Joanna Maranhão, a former competitive swimmer and four-time Olympian for Brazil, is currently very much involved in advocating for safe sport. Drawing from her extensive background as a professional swimmer and her master’s degree in Sports Ethics and Integrity, Joanna brings invaluable insights into the world of sports. As the Survivor Network Coordinator at Sport & Rights Alliance, she actively raises awareness on crucial issues within the sporting community. 

With her help, you will embark on a truly transformative journey! Joanna will delve into the essential concepts and practices required to safeguard the spirit of grassroots Volleyball. She will lead coaches working at the entry level of the game through a profound exploration of trauma-informed principles and compassionate coaching strategies. Through engaging discussions and poignant examples, coaches will gain a better and deeper understanding of various forms of harm, navigate power dynamics, and foster a nurturing, safe environment for young athletes. 

The session will focus on shaping a community dedicated to empowering coaches and prioritising the holistic well-being of every player. Joanna will help you elevate your coaching philosophy so that you can contribute to a culture of care and respect both on and off the court – and therefore, this is an opportunity that you shall not miss out on! 

If you wish to prepare yourself in advance, you are welcome to read the report produced by the Sport & Rights Alliance “We have to empower each other”, which you can find here: