Students from LUNEX University pay visit to home of European Volleyball


Article Tue, Jul 9 2024

A group of students from the LUNEX University currently pursuing their studies and a potential career in sports management did pay a visit to the home of European Volleyball earlier this week. The CEV and LUNEX University have been working closely for a couple of years especially on the delivery of an innovative Volleyball Sports Management programme specifically designed to cater for the needs of stakeholders from across the Volleyball family. 

The students did not only enjoy their time exploring the CEV headquarters, but they also listened to presentations delivered by members of the CEV staff, introducing the work of the CEV as an organisation, its mission and strategic priorities, as well as activities run in a variety of areas such as Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Snow Volleyball, Top Events, Digital, etc.

Such a visit will certainly be beneficial for these young sports enthusiasts to have a better understanding of how such an international sports organisation functions, as they try to forge their way in life and especially in sports management. The CEV has already provided internship opportunities to a variety of students / graduates from LUNEX University, and it is hoped that the cooperation will continue along the same lines in future as well.