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Historic BVA General Assembly held in Istanbul, two major sponsors sign up to support Balkan Volleyball family


Article Sat, Mar 18 2023

The 24th General Assembly of the Balkan Volleyball Association (BVA) was held on Saturday at Conrad Bosphorus hotel in Istanbul. BVA President Mr Mehmet Akif Üstündag was especially proud to host CEV President Aleksandar Boričić, CEV Senior Vice-President Renato Arena and all members of the Balkan Volleyball family in Türkiye. He expressed his gratitude to all for their support and the solidarity shown following the devastating earthquakes that hit Türkiye in early February. Moreover, the BVA President was happy to share good news with all members and to inform the attendees that two sponsors have been contracted to support the Balkan Volleyball Association and its activities.

A family picture taken at the end of the BVA General Assembly held in Istanbul

The actual General Assembly followed the signing ceremony of the sponsorship agreement with Acibadem Health Groups. Mr Üstündag extended his special thanks and appreciation to the owner of the Acibadem Health Groups, Mehmet Ali Aydinlar, who has been a strong supporter of Volleyball for many years. Thanks to him and his efforts, Volleyball has been growing bigger and bigger with each day.

Acibadem Health Groups has joined forces with the BVA to help grow Volleyball across the region

Another sponsor, the ticketing company Biletinial, was introduced during the General Assembly, where a presentation about the company was delivered. The CEO of Biletinial, Ulas Uslu, was proud to support the Balkan Volleyball Association. After this, Mr Üstündag informed the members that a third sponsor shall join the Balkan Volleyball family very soon.

CEV President Aleksandar Boričić praised the BVA leadership and members for their efforts and hard work

CEV President Aleksandar Boričić expressed his happiness and delight with the development of the organisation, with the quality, and the level of the General Assembly as high as those delivered by FIVB and CEV, ad emphasised that the Balkan region remains one of the strongest and most hard-working zonal associations. He thanked Mr Üstündag for his dedication and commitment to ensure a better tomorrow for Volleyball across the Balkan region.

“Today is a historic day for the BVA because this organisation is growing with the help of sponsors and for the first time in history a regional association is organising a zonal Snow Volleyball event. I want to thank Bulgaria for their work,”

the CEV President said, pointing at a BVA zonal Snow Volleyball competition coming up on Sunday in Perelik, Bulgaria. Moreover, the CEV President informed the BVA members that the Malta Volleyball Association has expressed its wish to join the Balkan Volleyball Association. All members found such a move a positive one and will be waiting for an official request from the Malta Volleyball Association before replying accordingly.

The General Assembly was an opportunity to confirm the zonal indoor events scheduled for 2023, the respective host countries and participating teams as follows:

U17 Women Balkan Championship in Serbia between July 1-5, 2023
Pool A: Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria
Pool B: Türkiye, North Macedonia, Montenegro

U17 Men Balkan Championship in Albania between July 5-9, 2023
Pool A: Albania, Türkiye, Serbia, North Macedonia
Pool B: Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro

U19 Women Balkan Championship in Bulgaria between July 10-14, 2023
Pool A: Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro
Pool B: Serbia, Türkiye, Romania

U19 Men Balkan Championship in Albania between July 11-15, 2023
Pool A: Albania, Moldova, Romania, Serbia
Pool B: Türkiye, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina

U21 Women Balkan Championship in Bosnia and Herzegovina between August 2-6, 2023
Pool A: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo
Pool B: Serbia, Albania, Türkiye

The Beach Volleyball calendar will be discussed during an upcoming online meeting and all events and participants will be confirmed in due time.

The CEV President and CEV Senior Vice-President were the guests of honour at the event in Istanbul