Winners crowned at highly competitive school tournament in Sarajevo


Article Wed, May 15 2024

The CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball - Grow with it” has continued and further expanded in Sarajevo. The league involving primary schools that started in mid-October 2023 will last until the end of May 2024, when the final matches for schools from the Canton of Sarajevo will be played.

As many as 11 primary schools from the area of the municipality of Centar have taken part in the competition for young boys. The victory was eventually claimed by the pupils representing the Elementary School Alija Nametak at the end of a tournament featuring some 100 kids. 

The tournament for young girls from the same area featured 12 primary schools. The victory went to those representing the Catholic School Centre. About 120 girls participated in the event. 

The local Sports and Recreation Centre where the competition was held was full of school friends, who came out to support their peers as passionately as they could. 

Armin Bukvić, a coach who attended the CEV Coaches Convention in Kranjska Gora and is also a teacher at Elementary School Alija Nametak, was at the helm of the young boys and girls representing that school at the competition. In a conversation with him, he once again praised the project run by the CEV as a great form of assistance in the development of young people with a desire to train and play Volleyball. As he stated, many students involved in the programme are already playing Volleyball for a variety of clubs from the area of Sarajevo, thereby contesting under-age competitions run by the Volleyball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The winners of the tournaments run for the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo have qualified for the Canton of Sarajevo final competition, which will take place in late May. The winners of this event will then participate in the grand finals of the school volleyball competition involving primary schools from across the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.