Cyprus Federation breaks new ground with school visits in Limassol and Nicosia districts


Article Thu, Jul 4 2024

The annual programme run by the Ministry of Education and Sport for Primary Schools across Cyprus finished in Larnaca during the first week of June and about a week later in Paphos, thereby providing youngsters with further opportunities to play and enjoy volleyball action. The latest sessions were held in Kition and Afroditi sports halls respectively. During the first weekend of June, the annual club volleyball festival was held in the city of Limassol and in the village of Frenaros as well. In Nicosia the festival was not held due to a heatwave with temperatures reaching above 40 °C. Moreover, the Cyprus Volleyball Federation delivered ground-breaking sessions in a couple of villages where volleyball activities had not been run just yet. 

The young players involved in the festival held in Limassol were all born in 2011 or younger and a total of 100 kids (20 boys and 80 girls - 10 players for each team) joined in the action. In Frenaros, four teams of girls took part in the festival thereby accounting for a total of 40 youngsters involved. All the clubs received three Mikasa balls in recognition of their participation and all the players were awarded with a gold medal in the end. The tournaments had a great and vibrant atmosphere as many parents made their way to see their kids in action and cheer them on.

Moreover, the Cyprus Volleyball Federation has continued visiting primary schools in villages of the Limassol and Nicosia districts. In Limassol the village visited this past month was Pissouri, which is situated in a great location on top of a hill. Demetris Papapieris, a legendary name of Cyprus Volleyball, as well Ukrainian-born Olga Lezhenkina were those delivering the volleyball session following an introduction to Volleyball made by CEV School Project Manager Giorgos Stefanidis attended by as many as 170 pupils. Some 80 students aged 9 to 11 attended the practical session, and since no court was available, the coaches used the CEV net bands in the classroom to create a volleyball court and the session was ultimately very successful. Three Mikasa balls were given as a present along with two net bands. Volleyball was on display in Pissouri for the very first time.

In Nicosia district, Mr Stefanidis paid a visit to the village of Pera Orini Tamasos where 85 kids (48 girls and 37 boys) attended the sessions (theoretical and practical) following the very same programme run at every other primary school. The school master found it very interesting, and she insisted the National Federation shall invite all the Cyprus primary schools to follow this programme in the next season / school year. It was another first time for Volleyball in the village, just like in Pissouri. Three Mikasa balls and two net bands were given as a present to make sure that the local children will have more opportunities to play the game. 

Most recently, on June 26, at the Foley’s primary school the CEV School Project Manager gave a 60-minute lecture about Volleyball in front of 65 girls (all volleyball players of AE Karava) and three Mikasa balls were given to the Club. The same was done by the end of the month in Larnaca at Vergina school - home to Marathonas club. Both clubs will be organising a summer camp featuring volleyball and other activities. Local coaches Demetris Papapieris (AE Karava) and Petroula Alexandrou (Marathonas) were both equally happy with the experience.