ELC and Legal Chamber hold meetings ahead of CEV General Assembly


Article Sat, May 25 2024

A few months away from the Electoral CEV General Assembly scheduled for this coming August 24 in Napoli, Italy, the members of the European Legal Commission (ELC) and of the CEV Legal Chamber (LC) convened for a plenary meeting at the home of European Volleyball in Luxembourg City.

Members of the European Legal Commission (ELC) and the CEV Legal Chamber portrayed during their joint meeting

Mr Alain Fischbacher, President of the Legal Commission and Mr Laurent Moreuil, President of the Legal Chamber, presided over the respective sessions with a comprehensive agenda and with the support of their colleagues, they used their legal expertise to safeguard the interests of the sport and as well as of all affiliated members.

On Friday morning, the Legal Chamber and the European Legal Commission had separate working sessions before coming together for a joint meeting later in the day. 

ELC President Alain Fischbacher and his colleagues

The Legal Commission checked the candidatures submitted by National Federations to join CEV and FIVB organs, analysed and discussed the documents specifically designed for running the elections (ballots, etc.) and shared their legal perspective on the interpretation of the CEV regulatory framework. Moreover, the ELC used their meeting as an opportunity to continue the extensive work they have been doing on the elaboration of a Good Governance Code and reviewed the proposed modifications and changes to the CEV Competitions Regulations, which will be submitted to the CEV Board of Administration for their review and eventual approval at a meeting scheduled for mid-June in Jurmala, Latvia, in conjunction with the Beach Volley Nations Cup 2024 Final. 

Legal Chamber meeting chaired by President Laurent Moreuil

The Legal Chamber, on the other hand, reviewed and checked the candidatures received to join the European Legal Commission, as well as analysed and discussed juridical topics such as the FIVB Financial Disputes. Moreover, the LC used their meeting as an opportunity to share their legal perspective on the interpretation and modification of the Disciplinary Rules and Proceedings.

Finally, the Legal Chamber and the European Legal Commission had a joint afternoon meeting in which they further analysed and reviewed the candidatures received from National Federations ahead of this year’s elections, worked on the sections of the CEV Legal Framework connected to the elections, and exchanged their opinions on the previously discussed topics.