Get ready to celebrate #1DayMore4Volleyball!


Article Wed, Feb 28 2024
Author: Federico Ferraro

Tomorrow is the day. The very special day we get to celebrate only once every four years – February 29 – and an extra day that helps us promote Volleyball at all levels and spark a real fever for the game. After previous editions held in 2016 and 2020, February 29 has become synonymous with #1DayMore4Volleyball. Social media users have been witnessing the continuous growth of a real buzz around this action with the help of the cool videos recorded by some elite players. 

Back in 2016, when #1DayMore4Volleyball was run for the first time, a Volleyball match was played on a ferry boat

We have already seen the likes of Clemens Wickler, Nils Ehlers, Anastasija Samoilova, Tina Graudina, Robertlandy Simon, Aleksandar Nikolov, Miriam Sylla and many more show their ability to play the game in a rather unconventional, creative way, thereby showing that Volleyball is a sport for everyone, and that you can play and enjoy on any surface – from sand to snow to the more usual indoor environment, playing by yourself and developing some intriguing challenges as well.

We have witnessed the prowess of Kiara, the ‘Volley dog’ of the Beach Volley Vikings, reigning Olympic champions Anders Mol and Christian Sørum, which has captured the imagination and attention of countless people, going viral shortly after the release of the video shot in Norway.

Volleyball fans shall not miss the opportunity to celebrate this year’s leap day by playing Volleyball with their friends and family, classmates, neighbours, etc. and make sure they sign up here to be in contention for one of the much-coveted prizes at stake, including a journey to this year’s CEV Champions League Volley Super Finals in early May! 

The buzz is growing relentlessly with videos associated with #1DayMore4Volleyball recording tens of millions of views on Instagram (37.2 million) and TikTok (10.7 m). Make sure you catch this real Volleyball fever and make this year’s leap day count!