Head of Digital & TV

Aurèle Weyeneth

Leading on media partners to maximise their rights acquisition and ensures the proficient end-to-end distribution of sport programming.

office  +352 25 46 46 53

mail  tv@cev.eu digital@cev.eu 

Communication Coordinator

Matthew Rogers

Responsible for the long term strategic planning of sport, competition and player coverage within international media and global communications.  Overseeing external human resources and budgeting for operational delivery alongside media partners.

office  +352 25 46 46 57

mail  digital@cev.eu / web@cev.eu 

Digital Content Coordinator

Daniel Meneley

Responsible for the contribution of information to all CEV digital and communication network such as social media channels, OTT platforms and official websites

office  +352 25 46 46 47

mail  digital@cev.eu

Social Media Coordinator

Chiara Belcastro

Primarily responsible for drafting platforms’ communication strategy, the management and continuous development of the CEV social media accounts and delivering engaging content for the Volleyball fans all over the world.

office  +352 25 46 46 17

mail  digital@cev.eu

Editorial Content Coordinator

Florin Sandu

Responsible for creating an editorial plan/calendar to deliver engaging and fan-centric content in relation to the CEV competitions and events.

office  +352 25 46 46 67

mail  digital@cev.eu 

Digital Business Analyst

Maikel Vercaigne

Responsible for the daily management, follow-up and development of a number of Volleyball related digital and data projects that contribute to the global promotion and development of the sport.

office  +352 25 46 46 54

mail  digital@cev.eu