The Development Department is responsible for creating developmental strategies built on principles of sustainability.   All aimed at growing the game among the young population, encouraging children to join the Volleyball family and seek for heathy lifestyle.  With aligned work with the EU Commission and other partner organisations.

The Education Department is responsible for coordinating all learning opportunities for those working in Volleyball. With a large part coming through an evolving e-learning programme providing comprehensive knowledge to all members involved in the game (organisers, supervisors, referees, e-scorers), known as the CEV Campus.

The Technical Department is responsible for the coordination of all refereeing, coaching and medical matters. Also the realisation of the Mikasa partnership including deliveries to all stakeholders in the game.

Development Manager


The Development Manager creates long term strategies, based on sustainability principles related to the grassroots level and underage categories. Defines and provides learning needs to the individuals and organisations involved in CEV events.

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E-Learning & Project Coordinator

Ricardo LEITE

The E-learning Coordinator is responsible for the management of the CEV Campus, coordinating all its activities from webinars to learning communities. As part of his job as Project Coordinator, he follows up on a number of development activities, including the CEV School Project, and the organisation of events such as Beach Volleyball Coaches Workshops and the CEV Coaches Convention. He also acts as CEV Medical Officer, working in close collaboration with the European Medical Commission, for the running of all medical and anti-doping activities.

office  +352 25 46 46 34

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Education & Referee Coordinator

François WATTHEZ

Responsible for coordinating all educational activities (i.e. seminars, festivals) and tools (i.e. online Referee Academy), addressed to specific Volleyball family members: referees, coaches and trainers, & young players.

office  +352 25 46 46 36

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