Office Manager

Annemiek CHAMBON

The Office Manager is responsible for the efficient functioning of the office and takes care of all HR aspects inside the CEV.

office  +352 25 46 46 21


Covering all logictics and operations

Administration Department

The Administrative Department takes care of organising all sorts of meetings and any logistical planning needed. Next to that, they produce all official letters, minutes and general administrative support for all departments.

- Kristin HUEHNEL

- Sara MELO

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For all money matters

Finance Department

The Finance Department provides support on financial matters to all CEV institutions as well as all CEV office departments. It carries out broad range of roles among which are payments, invoicing, accounting and credit controlling.



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Setting the framework so the players can play

Legal & Transfers Department

The Transfer & Legal Department is responsible for all the legal issues of the CEV. Its tasks include, amongst others, the protection of the CEV regulatory framework and the drafting of Contracts related to the CEV.  As well as managing the International transfers of players and the potential financial disputes that may arise within the 56 affiliated National Federations throughout Europe. 

- Apostolos GOGAKOS

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Keeping us connected and in contact

IT Department


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