The CEV Campus is the online learning platform developed and managed in-house by the European Volleyball Confederation to assist with the continual growth of our sports across the continent.

It is an essential part of our development activities, aimed at providing a variety of groups in the Volleyball community with better understanding and knowledge on topics that can improve the organisational, technical and promotional aspects of our evolution.

Following its successful release in 2016, the platform is being continually updated with new courses, as well as regular updates to those already published.  All material is designed to be fresh and engaging coming straight from subject matter experts.

More recently, the CEV Campus has also started to be used as a digital habitat for the key groups, such as the CEV International Referees and the CEV School Project Community to carry out webinars and web meetings amongst the stakeholders.


The course was very helpful with real-life examples, it will really help me to be more prepared to unwanted situations in the future.

A Participant

For Clubs and Federations

  • Organisational Guidelines for European Cups Clubs (course bundle)

  • Guidelines for Beach Volleyball Event Organisers (course bundle)

  • Developing a Beach Volleyball Club (course bundle)

  • Beach Volleyball Coaches Workshops (recorded material)

For CEV Officials:

  • Volleyball Challenge System Guidelines

  • CEV Photographers Guide

  • CEV Medical Delegate Guidelines

  • E-Scoresheet Guidelines

  • International Referees' Quizzes

  • Seminars for Young and Talented Referees (recorded material)

For Communities:

  • CEV School Project Community

  • CEV Referee Academy

For those who don't use e-scoresheet as an everyday tool, its great way to learn more!

A participant