So many amazing players! So many amazing fans! It has been so fun to visit different cities in the Men's European Volleyball Championship. Check out some of the coolest parts of my trip!

Official Mascot
Got me a selfie with Coach Tillie - hey, that rhymes!

I love volleyball! It's my favourite sport in the whole world. I got to go to Belgium, France, Slovenia, and The Netherlands to hang out with all my volleyball friends. Sometimes I would be taking pictures with the players, sometimes I would help the referees, and sometimes I would goof around with the fans. But no matter what I was doing, I was always having fun!

Just hanging out with team Slovenia


I love making new friends in different countries
The Czech team can get a bit silly

I'm back off for more adventures for the rest of EuroVolley. Come say hi to me if you come to a match!

Me and Mr. Polska