"The pool play of #EuroVolleyW is done, 8 teams are travelling home and I am sad! They were all such nice girls!! But the show must go on!"

Official Mascot
Feeling like a rock star!
Having some fun with the volunteers between the matches

Seven days of intense Volleyball are behind us! I can't even count how many new friends I have made! It is not easy to be the social butterfly, you know!

With my good friend Urszula in Lodz! She is a fan of team Poland!
To entertain the crowd, you must be the crowd

On Wednesday I met my boss - the CEV president Aleksandar Boričić for the first time! I was very nervous, but at the end it went very well! We shook hands and I could not help it but to go in for a hug!

Important meeting



We also celebrated some birthdays in Budapest!
I borrowed a flag!
Getting a professional at giving high tens to prepare the girls for the matches
Told ya! Look at my moves!

24 teams - that's so many. And I cheered for each team equally, because that is written in my job contract. If you are a mascot of the CEV, you love all girls equally! And now I will really miss the teams of France, Finland, Portugal, Ukraine, Hungary, Estonia, Belarus and Switzerland.. Will keep my four fingers crossed for you at the next championship!