"Just taking the time to reflect on the first few days... and wow, what an experience! I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have..."

Official Mascot
My first #EuroVolleyW match in Ankara - still a bit shy when seeing all the players
But that changed soon
Now the crowds cheer me, when I enter the court.. Watch out, world, Ace is coming!

I traveled to EuroVolley straight after joining the CEV as their official mascot. This is my first-ever job experience, so I am a bit scared about doing everything correctly, but am so excited about partying with Volleyball players and fans in Ankara, Lodz, Bratislava and Budapest.

Don't ask me, how i teleport! It is a state secret!

Feeling like a rock star!
Making new friends every second.

When arriving in Budapest, I met with Röppipi. He is an experienced mascot and has helped the Hungarian teams for a while now. He is just a nice guy, we have so much fun together and he teaches me a lot!

My dance-off



Celebrating victories together with the players!!
We are one big happy Volleyball family!

Volleyball people are the best people - they are always so happy and friendly, I even met a couple of Volleyball federation presidents and they shook my hand and we made pictures together. We are friends on Facebook now!

I love my job!

This is my colleague Maja! She is nice!
I am also preparing for the Men's EuroVolley, so I went to Ljubljana and got my tail wet in a very special event!

Still a long way to go! EuroVolley Women is up until 8 September. Then I will rush around France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands to cheer for the men's teams!

What a ride!

Love, Ace