Two-day workshop to help CEV School Project managers improve quality and quantity of their activities


Article Tue, Mar 14 2023

As many as 22 CEV School Project managers from just as many National Federations came together on Monday and Tuesday at the home of European Volleyball in Luxembourg City – with another three joining online – for an eagerly anticipated and highly productive workshop-style meeting.

CEV School Project Managers from as many as 22 National Federations came together at the home of European Volleyball

“The two-day workshop offered all of us the chance to advocate, promote and shape the future of the CEV School Project. I am very proud of all our National Federations which contribute to building a better future for the children through the CEV School Project. As the governing body of European Volleyball, we are in a privileged position, and we must make full use of this to help teachers and coaches introduce our sport in the best possible way to the children."

Vuk Karanovic
Head of Development

The CEV School Project managers were separated into groups after each short presentation to brainstorm and discuss ideas on how to tackle objectives and obstacles within their National Federations to grow the game and improve the delivery of their CEV School Project activities. After many, regular online meetings, this onsite workshop allowed the project managers to easily exchange knowledge and best practices with each other, while also raising awareness of certain topics to integrate – which may directly benefit their communities and organisation.

“It was a very good meeting, which will certainly help me identify pros and cons of my own experience with the CEV School Project in Denmark. I think that we can all learn from each other’s experiences and take a little something that we can review and will help us adjust and improve the project delivery in our respective countries. By meeting in person, I also believe that we did somehow break some of the existing barriers and from now on the interaction among us will be a lot smoother."

Christina Attrup Juhl
CEV School Project Manager at Volleyball Denmark

The meeting encouraged all partners to think critically about their current methods/approaches with the CEV School Project activities, and it has provided examples of what kind of steps National Federations can take to increase the quality and quantity of growth.

The CEV Development Department will follow up with the NF partners in the next online meeting to identify/discuss which actions they have prioritised after this onsite workshop.