School Project activities resume in Armenia


Article Fri, Oct 15 2021

After a break, the Volleyball Federation of Armenia (VFA) resumed their ‘School Project’ activities – doing so in conjunction with the fall semester of the new school year. The VFA has planned a number of festivals and seminars for the coming weeks to involve physical education teachers and Volleyball coaches.

On Friday, such a festival took place at the secondary school of the Zovk community in the Kotayk Province. The kids all shared the very same excitement at the perspective of joining such a festival.

The representatives of the VFA delivered a Volleyball masterclass with participation of students from the sixth grade, so they would familiarise with the rules of the game and would try to perform some specific Volleyball drills to understand more of the sport with the help of the VFA coaching staff.

At the end of the festival, the VFA provided the school with sports equipment so that the local PE teachers can continue to deliver Volleyball activities, thus involving even more kids.