Education signs agreement with Gibraltar Volleyball Association and CEV for Volleyball to be introduced in schools


Article Tue, Nov 22 2022

Minister for Education John Cortes and Emma Labrador, President of Gibraltar Volleyball Association, have signed an agreement setting out cooperation between the Association and the Department of Education to promote Volleyball in local schools.

GVA President Emma Labrador and Education Minister John Cortes sign the agreement to introduce Volleyball in local schools

The CEV School Project “Play Volleyball - Grow with it” is an initiative for the promotion of Volleyball at grassroots level in schools. As a non-contact team sport, Volleyball has the perfect combination of the elements needed to encourage growth, development, and teamwork in children, teaching them to develop these skills within a competitive, yet safe and protected environment. Having had the national coach of Gibraltar Volleyball attending schools last year with extremely positive feedback, the next step was now to implement the Project officially.

When the CEV President Aleksandar Boričić visited Gibraltar in February 2020, he was amazed at the high standard of sporting facilities which the British Overseas Territory boasts, as well as at the incredible facilities offered in schools. At the time, he visited the new Bayside and Westside Schools as well as local sporting halls and commented that Gibraltar has one of the highest standards of facilities that he had seen within all the European countries he had visited. What better way to combine sports, education, and school facilities than to bring these to the children of Gibraltar in school, offering them the opportunity to learn a new sport and develop additional skills.

“With junior development being at the forefront of the Gibraltar Volleyball Association’s strategy, this Project is the perfect opportunity for us to promote and grow the sport, together with the CEV and the support of the Government of Gibraltar. We are extremely grateful to the Government of Gibraltar, the Chief Minister and Minister Cortes for agreeing that Gibraltar should be a part of the CEV School Project and for believing in our work and supporting this initiative."

Emma Labrador
President of Gibraltar Volleyball Association

“The development of skills and the promotion of an active, healthy lifestyle are priorities which are entirely aligned with our holistic approach to education,” commented the Director of Education, Keri Scott.

“We are very proud of the wonderful facilities that we have created in our schools and want to maximise their use in promoting activities such as this which will bring so many benefits to our young people. I am very pleased to have entered into this Agreement and hope that it will be an example that will lead to other similar initiatives.”

John Cortes
Gibraltar Minister of Education